If only he’d told her by Katherine Markland


When Emma, 32, loses her boyfriend Mark to cancer, she’s struck by grief. But their relationship was far from straight- forward and her grief is compounded by a need to analyse their past, to understand what happened between them and to get to the bottom of the niggling question – did he really love her?

The story begins at Mark’s funeral and moves through time. We follow the characters through their lives in Oxford, Bris- tol, and Belfast, their travels round Jordan, and accompany Emma on another journey; to untangle a complex relation- ship overshadowed by terminal illness

My Review;

Oh man this book was so heartbreakingly sad it really touched me. The main character was trying so hard to come to terms with Marks death aswell as all the truths/ lies in there relationship. I didn’t know until I finished this topic was very close to the authors heart and how she portrayed this story is amazing and she deserves all the praise and credit ❤️

Thank you to Grace from Grace Pilkington Publicity for letting me take part in the blog tour for this book.

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