2022 Reading Goals

Good evening all

It’s been a while since I’ve done a normal non book review post and what I wanted to do was share with you my reading goals for this year.

In 2021 I managed to read 114 books which is incredible and I’m honestly so proud of myself. However this mainly consisted of blog tour books which means my TBR is out of control. I know what a shock! Who’d have thought buying books and not reading them increases the number I didn’t 😂

So my TBR is currently sitting at 974 books and 282 of these are Netgalley books which means this years project is to tackle that bloody tbr.

So here’s some of the ideas I have decided to participate in to help me reduce the number. FYI if you see any here that are also on your TBR I am happy to buddy read them 😊

22 books in 2022

12 books suggested by 12 friends

A – Z challenge

So there we have it if I manage to complete all 3 of these challenges I will be able to reduce my tbr by 64 books. Wish me luck 🤞

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