Book Review for Love Under Lockdown by Michael Estorick


Bill and Pete have been best friends since they were ten. Now they’re retired, in their sixties, and meet for lunch every Tuesday, for badinage about golf, politics, their stagnant love lives, their mutual friend Guy who lives in a tower in Gascony, but mainly Bill’s fractious relationship with his son Ivan.

Love Under Lockdown is filled with Bill’s humorous tirades against the younger generations. Ivan is forever moving in and out of his father’s house and dismisses everything his father Bill says. But while Brexit tears Bill and Ivan apart, Coronavirus and lockdown thrusts them together, forcing them to rebuild their bond. Love Under Lockdown echoes Turgenev’s masterpiece Fathers and Sons and is a fascinating commentary on the divide between the generations.

Spanning the four years from the Brexit Referendum to the end of the first lockdown, we watch these characters navigate their way through the chaos and uncertainty and discover what really matters. They fall out, fall in love, and despite their many differences, they still have each other. And to escape, Bill always has the golf club.

My Review;

How do I even begin to explain or write a review about this book. I really enjoyed reading about the friendship between Bill and Pete who are 2 sixty year old men who have known eachother there whole lives. Some of the conversations between the two friends were pretty amusing but I also like how the author took the characters through conversations such as the pandemic (covid) and stretched to brexit and bitching about people they knew. With only 162 pages this book packs a lot but it’s a very quick read.

Thank you so much Grace Pilkington for letting me review this book for a blog tour.

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