Book review for Looking for Lulu by Carl Granger


You could be sitting next to him in a pub. You’d never notice him. But he would see you.

None of his victims had ever noticed him, sitting there, glancing occasionally at them. Even if they had, they would have seen no cause for alarm.

Bland. Uninteresting. A civil servant going home to his equally bland wife and children at the end of another working day.

Anonymous. Invisible. Faceless.

That’s what they had all thought. But they were all wrong.

Now only the ever-growing spinney of trees bears testimony that they had once existed.

Is hard-bitten ex-Military Police captain, Detective Inspector Oscar Smith up to the task of tracking him down?

And as you turn the pages to meet the killer, will you ever find sleep again?

My Review;

What can I say apart from this book was so dark, disturbing and you will definitely squirm in your seat. I wouldn’t recommend this book to any of you who are squeamish or have a weak stomach this is definitely a dark thriller for a reason. I found the characters very realistic and the dark humour quite funny. This is a thriller that will be staying with me for a while.

Thank you so much to Heather from Overview Media for letting me review this book.

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