Book Review The Perfect Life by Nuala Ellwood



Vanessa has always found it easy to pretend to be somebody different, somebody better. When things get tough in her real life, all she has to do is throw on some nicer clothes, adopt a new accent and she can escape.

That’s how it started: looking round houses she couldn’t possibly afford. Harmless fun really. Until it wasn’t.

Because a man who lived in one of those houses is dead.

And everyone thinks Vanessa killed him…

My Review;

Wow what an absolute cracker of a book, before I dive into my review please note this book has a couple of trigger warnings for example rape, abuse and control. With that being said you don’t really get graphic details but with the story being as immersive you feel like you’ve witnessed those things.

Vanessa comes across as a very sad and lonely character even though she had a best friend (Lottie) and her sister (Georgia) she was very traumatised from losing her mum at a very young age so you feel really sorry for her as a whole (don’t worry guys this isn’t a spoiler)

I found the story started and got really interesting when she met Connor and fell in love. I’m glad it wasn’t one of those mushy romance novels that’s for sure. I found myself very gripped with this book I couldn’t put it down and read it within 24 hours! So if you are all looking for your next psychological thriller this one is for you.

Thank you Ellie from Viking for letting me take part in the blog tour and sending me a copy of this book.

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