Net Galley Check-in

Hello everybody today is the first time I am doing a Netgalley Check-in, I am not sure on how I want to go about this so today I will provide you with the weekly checklist. Before I jump in and show you what books I have to share with you let me provide you with a little breakdown.

I have been on Netgalley since 2018, now I don’t know about you but I am the type of person who just can’t say no to books so currently my Netgalley is (please don’t judge) sitting at 292 books with 41 reviews sent and my percentage is currently sitting at 14%. So with that in mind my current weekly checklist is sitting at 61 books awaiting feedback!!!! Yep I have gotten out of control and I need to get this back under control so here are the list…

Check List

  • Dark Days for the Tobacco Girls – Lizzie Lane
  • The Hunted Girls – Jenna Kernan
  • A Second-Hand Husband – Claire Calman
  • Things to do Before the End of the World – Emily Barr
  • The Idea of You – Robinne Lee
  • You’ve Reached Sam – Dustin Thao
  • The Happy Family – Jackie Kabler
  • Midnight in Everwood – M. A Kuzniar
  • Daughters of the Resistance – Lana Kortchik
  • The Witness – Terry Lynn Thomas
  • And Then She Ran – Karen Clarke
  • Stalling for Time – Christy Hayes
  • The Lies We Tell – Jane Corry
  • Kate in Waiting – Becky Albertalli
  • Every Vow You Break – Peter Swanson
  • The Rising Tide – Sam Lloyd
  • Version Zero – David Yoon
  • Greenwich Park – Katherine Faulkner
  • The House of Whispers – Anna Kent
  • Both of You – Adele Parks
  • The Summer Seekers – Sarah Morgan
  • The Cancer Ladies’ Running Club – Josie Lloyds
  • The Players – Darren Sullivan
  • The Wild Girls – Phoebe Morgan
  • Dial A For Aunties – Jessie Sutanto
  • The Therapist – B A Paris
  • The Choice – Kerry Barnes
  • The Steel Girls – Michelle Rawlins
  • Raft of Stars – Andrew J. Graff
  • The Iron Raven – Julie Kagawa
  • The Girls Are All So Nice Here – Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
  • The Fountains Of Silence – Ruta Sepetys
  • The Pact – Sharon Bolton
  • The Ones We’re Meant to Find – Joan He
  • The Supreme Lie – Geraldine McCaughrean
  • The Lost Sister – Kathleen McGurl
  • The Others – Sarah Blau
  • Prisoner – Ross Greenwood
  • The Best is Yet to Come – Katy Collins
  • Hunt – Leona Deakin
  • The Passing Storm – Christine Nolfi
  • One Year Gone – Avery Bishop
  • Her Last Holiday – C.L. Taylor
  • The Silent Suspect – Nell Pattison
  • Discarded – M. A. Hunter
  • The Disappearance of Stephanie Mailer – Joel Dicker
  • The Missing Pieces of Us – Eva Glyn
  • The Invitation – A. M. Castle
  • The Guilty Husband – Stephanie De Carolis
  • Breakout – Paul Herron
  • The Dinner Guest – B P Walter
  • Hope Nicely’s Lessons for Life – Caroline Day
  • You and Me on Vacation – Emily Henry
  • The Perfect Nanny – Karen Clarke, Amanda Brittany
  • Circus of Wonders – Elizabeth Macneal
  • The Lake – Louise Shetland
  • Bright Burning Things – Lisa Harding
  • She Who Became The Sun – Shelley Parker-Chan
  • A Wedding in the Country – Katie Fforde
  • The Lost Hours – Susan Lewis
  • The Lip – Charlie Carroll

Have you read any of these books? Also if you have any books on your list let me know and we can read them together. Thank you for reading.

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