Stephen King Announcement

In response to @hodderbooks announcement of the re-release of the entire bibliography of Stephen King books, Helen and I have decided to create an ultimate Stephen Kind Readalong.

The read along will not only include his books but also all of the movie and TV adaptations. We will attempt to read all of his books in chronological order starting with 1794s, Carrie. One book per month. Additionally, every week we will be reading one short story from his short story collections, starting with the Night Shift. We will be holding reading sprints and discussions as well as watch parties for the adaptations. Questions prompt cards, templates, reading trackers and all sorts of other spooky stuff will be provided!

The read along will take place over months and months as Stephen King’s bibliography is massive. For that reason, we have created a Discord server that will allow us to build a community but also have a more organized way of discussing his works but also other books and life in general.

You can click this link if you want to join or comment below if you’d like to join.

5 thoughts on “Stephen King Announcement

  1. I am a bit of a wimp but I definitely want to try to read as many of these books as I can, so excited to join you all on this journey!


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