Book Review for Karolina Dalca, Dark Eyes by M.R. Noble


Blindsided by an attack that destroys her home and blamed for murder, Karolina Dalca, a half-vampire, escapes, only to plunge into the magical societies from which she was sheltered.

Betrayed by those around her, she abandons her dreams of becoming an investigator and flees, trusting only herself. Her police internship would never prove more useful. Hoofing it through the wilderness, she makes it to her university dorm, disheveled but delightfully deflowered.

Enter a full vampire: one wielding dark magic and a ride out of Canada. A fugitive from the law, Karo complies with his demands to escape, unsure whether his requests are bewitched. She vows to clear her name and avenge her mother’s death, but Karo’s family secrets aren’t so easily left behind.

My Review;

I’m going to find it hard to put all my views and thoughts about this book into a review but let’s try and give it a go. There were aspects I really liked about Karolina as a character for example she wouldn’t accept bad things happening and will always try to stop them even if it means risking her life. But omg she’s such an idiot, I found myself screaming in my head being like why would you do that! Why do something you don’t know what your signing up for. Honestly the level of immaturity in this book had me putting it down all the time in frustration. However I did pick it straight up again because I was obsessed with the vampire and wearwolf trilogy. It had a bit of twilight vibes but thankfully the vampires didn’t sparkle in sunlight. I also didn’t like the ending I’m sorry but I have to know what happens next why leave it on a cliffhanger like that! I also really enjoyed the fight scenes in the book it kept me gripped even if it took me longer than I thought reading it.

Thank you to Dave from The Write Reads for letting take part in the tour and thank you to M. R. Noble for sending me a copy of this book all the way from Canada.

3 thoughts on “Book Review for Karolina Dalca, Dark Eyes by M.R. Noble

  1. Oh dear! I hate it when a main character has you feeling like that! Glad to see the book kept you gripped and if you want to see what happens next it can’t have been all bad haha! Great review 🙂


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