Book Review for The Conspiracy by Jack Probyn


Candice Strachan can’t breathe. 

A small jewellers is raided in Guildford High Street and leaves police chasing their tails. Reports suggest that it’s The Crimsons, an organised crime group the police have been hunting for years. 

The device wrapped around her neck is suffocating her, crushing her chest.

But for rookie detective, Jake Tanner, something doesn’t seem right. The heist doesn’t fit any of their previous patterns. And the last time Jake met them, he was staring down the barrel of their gun, bargaining for his life. 

The men who put it there have left her to die.

When the shop owner is kidnapped and a collar bomb is attached to her neck, Jake learns one of his own is involved – a police officer. 

Her life now rests in Jake Tanner’s hands. 

As Jake follows the group on a wild goose chase, he questions everything he knows about his team. Who can he trust? And is he prepared to find out?

My Review;

Wow what a book! I couldn’t put this down before I knew it I was halfway through and knew I wasn’t doing anything else until this is done. Meet Temporary Detective Constable Jake Tanner who is on secondment in Surry. Who gets thrown straight into the deep end with an armed robbery which turns into a race against time to find the keys that will release the collar bomb as well as the robbers. This book is an amazing detective thriller and I can’t wait to read more about Jack Tanner.

Thank you so much Emma from Damppebbles for letting me take part in the blog tour for this book.

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